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Travel around the Central Campus in Jinan

• Buses around the campus 
☆ Outside the North Gate 
     Shanda BeiLu Xikou(山大北路西口) 122 (@ Bus Stop 4) 
☆ Outside the South Gate 
     Shanda Nanlu Zhongduan (山大南路中段)70, K55 (@ Bus Stop 3) 
☆ Outside the West Gate 
     Huayuanzhuang Donglu (花园庄东路) 1, 16, 48, 112 (@ Bus Stop 2) 
     Shanda Nanlu (山大南路) 1,16,48,112 (@ Bus Stop 1) 
  Price for buses: 1 yuan for ordinary bus, 2 yuan for air-conditioned bus (marked by K in 
  front of the bus line)

• Taxi 
   Price: 8 yuan within 3 kilometers, if beyond 3 km 1.2 yuan/km will be added. If speed is 
   less than 12km/h, 0.2 yuan per minute will be charged to the total fee. You need to pay 
   extra 5 yuan for booking a taxi by phone.

Everyday English & Chinese in Conversation.pdf

You can click here to find the daily expressions you may use during the international
summer school at Shandong University.They are both in Chinese and English
Versions.You can download this document. Hoping it'll be helpful to you!

Tips: A slip of paper with the destination’s name written on is recommended to show the 

driver when you are getting into a taxi if you are not confident of your Chinese expressions.

• Map of Shandong University 


From Jinan International Airport to Central Campus, Shandong University

• Pick-up service: 10:00 am & 14:00 pm at Jinan International Airport
• Airport Limousine & Taxi
☆  If you arrive in Jinan before 18:00,
      First, take the airport limousine to Daming Hu Beimen (north gate of Daming Lake);
      Then, take the taxi to the south gate of Central Campus, Shandong University.
☆  If you arrive in Jinan after 18:00,
      First, take the airport limousine to Lishan Lu Nankou;
      Then, take the taxi to the south gate of Central Campus, Shandong University(No.27,Shan Da Nan Lu ).
  Cost: 30 RMB (approximately)
• Taxi
  Cost: 100 RMB (approximately)


End of Courses

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