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Beginning of Courses

For your health: Hospital
Name Address Tel.
Jinan Central Hospital 105 Jiefang Lu 85695120(English)
Qianfushan Hospital 16766 Jingshi Lu 82968900
Shandong Provincial Hospital 324 Jingwu Weiqi Lu 86881319(English)
SDU Qilu Hospital 107 Wenhua Xilu 82169114
For your health: Pharmacy
Name Address Tel.
**Shu Yu Ping Min Pharmacy 146 Huayuan Lu 88904608
Jian Lian Chinese Medicine Pharmacy 153 Huayuan Lu 88904774
*Also some kinds of common medicine are available in the School Hospital which
 is located opposite to the North Gate of the campus.
**This Pharmacy is recommended because it’s big enough to provide you with all
 the Western Medicine you need. It is advised not to take Chinese herbs because
 most of the herbs are not explicitly studied as to their toxicity.

About the bank
If you want to change money, you can go to the Bank around the campus. 
Please take the passport with you.
• Business hour: Monday to Sunday 09:00–16:00
(On holidays it is closed earlier. See the notice please)
• Time for exchange: Monday to Friday 09:00–15:00

Outside the South Gate of the campus, you can find:
①Bank of China
②Bank of Communications
③China Construction Bank
④Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Outside the West Gate of the campus:
⑤Agricultural Bank of China

About the post office
You canfind China Post outside of the South Gate. Post cards could be bought there.
Business hour:Monday to Sunday 08:30–18:00

End of Courses

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