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During the ISS-SDU, we are going to arrange on-campus housing for international students. Residents would enjoy their living experience within convenient and comfortable environment and global community network.

We won’t provide housing for Chinese students, please make self-arrangement.

Room Single room (40-60 yuan per day)
Double room (80-120 yuan per day)
sheet, air-conditioner, independent washroom, Internet
Laundry Washing machines available.
4 yuan per washing machine bucket, additional 10 yuan for drying.
Place : Lobby of No.2 Liuyuan Building 
Time: 08:00–18:00
Hot Water
for Shower
Mon.- Fri.:6:30-8:00;17:30-23:30;
Sat.-Sun.: 9:00-14:00; 17:30-23:30
Hot water for drinking is available all day.
Affiliated to
There is a small cafeteria for international students on the first floor 
of No. 2 Liuyuan Building. Simple food is provided. 
(e.g. hamburger and sandwich). 
Open hours: 07:30–23:30
Kitchin Public
Room Cleaning
Students should  clean the room by themselves
Your bedding and towels can be changed every 2 weeks.
Reception Service In the lobby of the Dormitory (No. 2 International Students' Apartment)
Tel: +86-531-88364504 (Chinese)
Office Hour (7:30-20:00) 
Administration Office In the lobby of the Dormitory (No. 2 International Students' Apartment)
Tel: +86-531-88365855; 88365988 (English)
Office hour( 8:00-12:00; 13:30-17:00)
Regulations Regulations
Further Particulars of the Regulations

Note: Your valuables should be kept carefully in your room and not too much cash is recommended to be carried with you.

End of Courses

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