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“China Studies” International Summer School



Greetings from Shandong University!


Shandong University “China Studies” International Summer School will be held from August 5th to August 16th 2016.


Our “China Studies” Summer School (ISS-SDU) offers a variety of courses and activities, including Chinese Language classes, English-taught courses, cultural experience and field trips. A wide range of credit-bearing courses on China Studies covering the field of Chinese laws, economics, politics and culture will be provided. (See attached Course Guide).


Each participating student will have Chinese student buddies during the entire program. It is designed to give undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world a chance to explore and understand the real China. Our program includes various exciting extracurricular activities:


Week 1: Museum & Taiji (Kung Fu) Practice

Week 2: Beijing Opera Show 

Week 3: Calligraphy Practice

Optional: Guided tour to Beijing, Qingdao, Mountain Tai and Confucius Hometown, Ancient Qi Great Wall, Longshan Cultural Heritage.


The application is now open to our worldwide partner universities. Please conduct the selection, and inform us before May 31st. The students should also complete application form and submit it to before the May 31st. Please name your email with the title “Summer School Program Application”.


Please feel free to email us at whenever you have any questions. If you would like to have our posters, please email us your mailing address.


Looking forward to meeting you in Jinan!

Guidebook for “China Studies” International Summer School (CSISS)



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