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Shandong University offers internship opportunities to the international students in the fields of pharmacy sciences, medicine, engineering, etc. We will announce internship vacancies regularly.  

Below is the 2015 medicine program for your reference.

Students from Woodsworth College (UofT), University of Toronto à SDU
General Description: UofT and the School of Medicine, SDU agree to offer a research program opportunity for University of Toronto students at Shandong University in the Summer. SDU will provide UofT students research opportunities in a variety of areas, such as, immunology, genetics, molecular biology, physiology, medical microbiology, cell biology, neurobiology, tumor research and, metabolic diseases. The research opportunities will vary from year to year. In early January SDU will provide UofT with the list of research projects available for the summer of that year.  The program will last for 2 to 3 months, starting from early July and terminating before the beginning of the next semester in early September. UofT students will do the experiments under the instruction of a SDU lab supervisor. The lab instructor will ensure that UofT students are briefed on health and safety procedures in the laboratory and will monitor that the students are conforming to these procedures. In each laboratory, students will have the opportunity to learn the techniques and data analysis required for the specific research project, participate in lab discussion and Journal Club, and take part in scientific research presentations.
Student Selection: The number UofT students to be enrolled will be approximately 6 per year.  To be eligible students must have completed basic studies in Biology.  Students will be expected to complete the SDU application form, rank their choice of research activities, and provide information why they feel they would be well suited to these research activities.  UofT will prescreen the student applications and will send them, along with the students’ academic records, to SDU in early March. SDU will make the final selection of participants and may require UofT students to participate in an interview. SDU will rank the students and will provide UofT with the ranking of the students selected within two weeks of receiving the applications.  UofT will make offers to the students in the ranked order until the maximum number of research spaces are filled.
Fees: SDU will provide space to UofT students in the International Student Apartment.  UofT students will be required to pay the cost of this housing upon arrival. The approximate costs will be as follows: room without private bathroom 40-60 RMB/per day; room with a private bathroom 70-100 RMB/per day. UofT students will have access to academic and student support facilities available through SDU. UofT students will be responsible for all costs of the program including vaccinations for travel, airfare to and from China, any visa fees, accommodation costs, personal expenses, and debts incurred for the duration of their study abroad. UofT students will be required to obtain comprehensive insurance (e.g., health, death, accidents, property etc.).
Academic Assessment
As part of the research project students will be required to complete academic work and will receive a UofT course credit and grade.  The assessment will include a research presentation, lab participation, and a final report.  The SDU lab supervisor will provide UofT with student marks for each of these assessments along with comments within two weeks after the end of the program.  A UofT faculty member will review the student’s final report along with the marks and comments provided by SDU and will assign the final mark to each student.

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