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Join us for a four-week course to explore Chinese Archaeology, especially the region of most typical Chinese culture.

The Chinese Archaeology Program is a credit bearing program open to all the students interested in China. Students from history, archaeology, anthropology, and other humanities or social science related field are welcomed to attend this program.

This course introduces the main significant archaeological discoveries and key issues in different periods of China, including the discoveries in Yellow River and Yangtze River in Paleolithic, the origins of Chinese rice and rain-fed agriculture, Early Chinese Civilization and Social Complexity, the Chinese Ancient Civilizations in East Asia Culture Context, the states from Shang Dynasty to Zhou Dynasty, the political and symbolic significance of bronze, the politics and culture of Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty as well as the discoveries and cultural communications between east and west on Silk Road. Also, from this course, students will understand the opportunities and challenges of current cultural heritage protection.

In addition, students will be grouped to visit laboratories of plant, animal, jade and stone, ceramics, isotope and physical Anthropology to understand the roles of scientific technology and interdisciplinary collaboration in the research of archaeology. 

The field works to various excavations conducted by Shandong University as well as the visits to the museums of different focuses will make the students understand the origin, formation, and development of Qilu Culture of Shandong, the typical representative of Chinese culture. 

- Field work to various excavations
- Taste most typical Chinese culture in Shandong (one hour to Beijing, three hours to Shanghai) 
- Learn China studies lectures besides Chinese Archaeology

Leisure activities
- Trip to Confucius Temple in Qufu, Confucius hometown 
- Trip to Mountain Tai, Chinese sacred mountain

On campus international student dorm. Students can eat in the university canteen or in restaurants around campus

How to apply

Please apply online before May 31st. 

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