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Shandong University International Summer School on
Social Work Tentative Schedule

July 12th – 21th, 2017



Summer Courses in Social Work, Shandong University

Brief Introduction

The International Summer Course will last for 10 days. Students and teachers from three institutions will participate in the courses: the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare in Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), School of Social Work in Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in the US and Department of Social Work, School of Philosophy and Social Development in Shandong University (China).

The International Summer Course of “Social Welfare Policy and Social Work in Comparative Perspective” at Shandong University aims at promoting exchanges among participants from various backgrounds, facilitating comparative analysis, and stimulating new theoretical and professional approaches in social work. It offers professors and students from different countries and regions a privileged place for discussions and debates.


July 12th – 21th, 2017


Central Campus, Shandong University




Lectures on social welfare, social assistance, social welfare policy of the disabled, community correction, social work for children and adolescents, aging and welfare services for the elderly in China, etc.


Prof. GaoJianguo, Department of Social Work,SDU

Prof. Cheng Shengli, Department of Social Work,SDU

Prof. GeZhongming, Department of Social Work,SDU

Prof. Fu Lihua , Department of Social Work,SDU

Dr. Sun Yanyan, Department of Social Work,SDU


July 12: Registration

July 13: Opening Ceremony and Lectures

July 14-15: Free time

July 16-20: Lectures and Field Visit

July 21: Closing Ceremony


Ÿ         Postgraduate students or undergraduate students who have completed at least two academic years of study at the home institution, with a background of social work, social policy or other related subjects.

Ÿ         Fluent in English.


Program Fee: 2000RMB

Include tuition, materials, accommodation, airport transfer, city tour, orientation and farewell, and other social and cultural events. Students shall pay their own food, transportation, visa, etc..


The admitted students nominated by partner universities will be exempt from tuition fees and receive subsidies for their accommodation and living at Shandong University.


We will confer Shandong University credit to the students successfully finish the program.

Transcript or Certificate

We will issue completion certificate to the students successfully finish the program.


Please apply online at by May 31, 2017 and select “international summer school” .


Dr. Yu Miao


Tel: +86-18926076962; +86-531-88377150

Ms. Deng Xiongfei

Tel: +972-547417526



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