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SUBJECTIntroduction - 2015 SDU International Summer School on Transportation
DATEApr 15, 2015

Shandong University International Summer School on Transportation
- Traffic Operations and Management

(July 13 to July 24, 2015, Qingdao, China)

1.       Objective:
This two-week English-taught international summer school is designed for students from different countries and regions in the transportation, urban planning, engineering and related majors to broaden their knowledge on necessary theories and state-of-practice technologies that can contend with issues like traffic congestion, safety and sustainability etc. With scientists and engineers from different countries and regions teaching scientific approaches and sharing problem-solving experiences, students will be guided to make site survey, analyze, design and evaluate the transportation of Qingdao, China, do team work with people from different countries/regions, improve the efficiency and safety of real-world case studies for multiple areas in Qingdao during the program period, and enhance the following abilities:
-          Survey design and implementation
Traditional manual approaches as well as modern ITS technologies;
-          Data analysis
Mathematical models as well as computer database queries and programing;
-          Traffic issue identification
Hand-on experiences on identifying possible causes of traffic congestions;
-          Traffic management strategy and channelization design
To improve efficiency and safety based on safe system approach and optimized management strategy; and
-          Transportation simulation
-          Using simulation software to evaluate, compare and visualize management plans.
2.       Courses and term-project
2.1.       Technical courses
This summer school consists of different types of technical courses including in-class teaching, on-site investigation, group discussions, seminars and computer lab hours etc. The courses will cover
-          Transportation theories and models
-          Design principles and techniques
-          Computer software usage for design drawing, computer programing, data analysis and traffic simulation
-          Comprehensive management approaches including policy making, institutional cooperation etc.
2.2.       Term-project
Students will be divided into several groups with about 5 students per group to work together on a case study of a specific area of the Qingdao, China, which experiences severe level of congestions during peak hours and has both subway system and regular public transportation buses. Each group will be required to complete the whole process of real-world problem solving including issue identification, strategy design and scientific evaluations.
2.3.        Culture tours
Tours to Mount Tai will be provided for free.
3.       Language, students and lecturers
3.1.       Language
Most courses will be taught in English. Some seminars will be given in Chinese with consecutive interpretation provided.
3.2.       Students
Students are from different countries and regions, including Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, Japan, Singapore, UK etc. (subject to change).
3.3.       Lecturers
Lecturers of this international summer school consist of professors in prestigious universities, engineers in companies and government agencies, government officials, and technical managers of transportation organizations. Lecturers are from various countries and regions from various continents to ensure the diversified views on transportation issues and different experiences.
4.       Requirements and certificate
4.1.       Target group of applicants
Junior, senior and graduate students of the following areas are recommended to take this international summer school:
-          Traffic engineering
-          Urban planning
-          General engineering
-          Mathematics
-          Computer science, etc.
4.2.       Language
All students are required to have sufficient English listening ability to understand English-taught courses and basic oral ability to communicate with each other in English for team works. Students do not need to speak fluent English.
4.3.       Certificate
Each student who successfully completes the term-project with satisfactory performance will receive an official certificate issued by Shandong University for this international summer school.
5.       Schedule
5.1.       Courses
From July 13 to July 24, 2015.
5.2.       Registration
July 12, 2015 (Sunday) all day. Early arrival may result in a fee for accommodation.
5.3.       Culture tours
July 21, 2015 (Tuesday)
5.4.       Departure
July 25, 2015 (Saturday)
6.       Accommodation
All students will stay on Hotel in Qingdao with double occupancy during the summer school period. 3-star or above hotels are provided during culture tours. All accommodation is free of charge.
7.       Fees
7.1.       Tuition
There is no tuition for partner university for  this international summer school.
7.2.       Accommodation
Accommodation of double occupancy is provided to students for free. Extra fee will be charged for students requiring single occupancy rooms. Additional stays before and/or after the international summer school period will be paid by student.
7.3.       Transportation cost
Each student is responsible for his/her own two-way transportation cost between the home country and Qingdao, China. The international summer school only provides the necessary local transportation for the culture tours for free.
8.       Scholarship
Some scholarships will be awarded at the end of the international summer school according to students’ performance. 
9.       Application, visa and contact
9.1.       Application
Each applicant need to submit his or her name, nationality, institute, grade, major and passport number to the email account: by July 1st, 2015.
9.2.       Visa to China
You can apply a tourist visa to attend this international summer school in China. An official invitation letter can also be provided.
9.3.       Transportation to/from campus
It is recommended to take the high-speed rail or airplane to Qingdao. Taxi is available at the train station. The address of hotel is: 青岛市海尔路61号,海尔路与仙霞岭路交界处天宝国际楼下如家酒店(No.61 Haier Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China). You can also book the free pick-up bus offered by the international summer school if you have provided the arrival date, time, train number, a working mobile number (domestic or international) at least 3 days in advance and have received the confirmation.
9.4.       Contact person
Mr. JIAO Qiang

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